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Hotels in Slovakia for sale, tourism statistics

During last couple of year tourism in Slovakia is growing at a steady pace. In year 2015 some 4,430,000 tourists used services of Slovak hotels, in 2016 it was already 5,024,000 tourists and in 2017 their numbers continue to grow. During first 7 months of the year 2016 there were 2,819,000 tourists, in the same period of the year 2017 their number has grown to 3,084,000. It means an increase of 9 %. In the year before that (2015) the growth of total numbers was 16 %, in case of foreigners the increase was 17 %. Geografically tourism was concentrated mainly in High Tatra district of Poprad and Low Tatra district of Liptovsky Mikulas. We offer hotels for sale mainly in these two districts.

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Luxury residences and castles

Sometimes our clients ask us to inform them about cheap castles or attractive residences should they newly appear on the market. But as the owners of chateaux and luxury villas first try to sell their property for high price the desired properties nearly never enter the market in low price range. Only after one or two years the owners agree to sell for interesting price. The market of castles and high profile real estate differs significantly from the market of apartments and family houses. The owners of chateax in Czechia and Slovakia are as a rule not pressed by time to sell, they do not have to repay loans as they have in most cases it is inheritance. The only thing that may disturb them is maintenance cost of uninhabited castles, gradual decay of their properties. We understand that in countries like Britain of France the heirs have to pay in inheritance tax up to 45 % of the value of the property. There they have to hurry, but in Czechia nad Slovakia no such taxes exist.

Chateaux in Czech republic

Castles and chateaux offer to their buyers possibilities that other types of real estate cannot match. Villas, even the large ones, or farm houses do not have so large gardens, they do not have something you could call park with grown up trees. Castle parks are cheaper then similar land in such locations. The reason being that these parks are protected as cultural heritage and their owners cannot charge for them as high prices as they would charge for land that could be built on.

If you want to use the chateau for business purposes then it would be more sensible to buy a property in need of reconstruction and write the cost off from your taxes. If you intend to purchase the castle from your private funds then we would certainly recommend to buy a chateau that has already been refurbished. There are refurbished chateaux on the market where the purchase price is lower than if you tried to do the refurbishment yourself. The only exception could be the case where you are yourself a professional engaged in reconstructions of historical monuments. Nice refurbished chateau you can buy for 20 - 30 mil. CZK and you can start using it right away. There are properties costing some 13 mil. CZK that are still immediately inhabitable. And then there are of course castles for as low as 4 mil. CZK or on the other end castles for 120 mil. CZK and more.